Linda Vida is the distributor brand of producers of biodynamic natural products in Latin America. From its headquarters in Montpellier (France), we offer our products near you through certified distributors and resellers, but also at fairs and online on our site.

Linda Vida can help you improve your health through natural products carefully selected and cultivated in Biodynamics by Linda Vida Farmers from Latin America. [/ toggle] Linda Vida foster and support the cultivation of virtuous plants in this great Planet village for the well being of all in respect of local cultures and Pachamama. [/ toggle] Linda Vida is committed to respecting Fair Trade practices and the quality of Biodynamic culture of natural products placed on the market.
I took Moringa for 3 months and was able to eliminate my leg pain related to my impatient!
Marie-Line, Cliente
During my climbs and during more than 10 hours of effort to more than 3800 meters in the Andes, I was able to preserve my mental abilities to reach the summit Huarazcan.
Rosario Obregon, Sportive - Championne de Trekking.

Our 100% Natural Products

100% Naturals Produce

Biodynamic Cultures

Biodynamic initiatives seek to embody triple bottom line approaches (ecological, social, and economic sustainability), taking inspiration from Steiner’s insights into social and economic life as well as agriculture.


Moringa Oleifera Linda Vida contains more than 90 nutritional components:

* 46 Antioxidants;

* 36 Anti-inflammatories;

* 19 essential amino acids.

Fair trade

Linda Vida represents and works closely with 16 farmer families on continuous improvement of their crop processing processes.

Moringa is produced in Peru at the Santa Rosa Cooperative

Linda Vida distributes from Montpellier in France.